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Writing Makes My Tools Menu…Finally!

Writing Makes My Tools Menu…Finally!

It occurred to me that I’ve written about many of the tools I use for transformation and growth on my Tools menu, but I’ve managed to overlook the one I use most often: Writing.

Today, I rectified that oversight. If you’d like to get a feel for how writing has been a part of my personal growth and transformative experiences, check it out. I included a handful of my favorite books for getting the words flowing as well as a closer look at the various types of writing I employ, namely Non-Fiction, Creative Memoir and Essay, Journaling, and Fiction.

Big, Black Dog

My Writing Partner

A few years ago, I gave up writing altogether…except for journaling…and the odd-writing job that came in through Hunter Creation…and what was needed for Educatin’ Finn. I took about two years off, or as off as all those exceptions allowed.

The truth is that the way I wrote before my break was all about trying to live up to ideals that didn’t really fit me or my life. I’d picked up the idea that a writer had to be published, preferably by some Mega-publishing house, and paid, preferably Big Bucks, and Prolific. Oh, and did I add that Real Writers were writers of fiction or poetry. Non-fiction didn’t count.

So, despite having spent the better part of twenty years writing professionally and personally in a wide variety of forms, I didn’t count myself as a Real Writer. My published writing was all non-fiction of one kind or another, paying but not the New York style mega-bucks I’d have conceded represented success, and my fiction…well, rejection letters were stacked high enough to pose a potential fire hazard on my desk. Twenty years of failure…either that’s a complete Fool’s errand or it’s insanity. That’s why I kicked the habit.

Two years of growth helped me shed that old skin. Writing has become the tool it should have always been, though I suppose spending a few years as the starving, tortured artist probably did me some good. At least when I run into young writers who’re struggling with those demons, I understand fully how they feel and can offer up a bit of compassion for their experience. It also gave me the opportunity to see how integral writing is to my life. Like it or not, I’m a writer through and through, even when I’m not actively putting words down on the page.

If you’re looking for ways to make your writing work for you or always wanted to write but have been blocked by obstacles like I was, check out Writing on my Tools menu. The resources there may help you find a way to make writing a healthier tool for your growth and transformation, too.

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