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Working Balancing Magic with Saint John’s Wort

Working Balancing Magic With Saint John’s Wort

A year ago almost to the day, I began work on our upcoming herbal folio. The topic was Saint John’s Wort, and I was writing a very rough draft at the time. Now, after experiencing a few of this master of Sun’s lessons, I fully appreciate the patience and preparation my magical partner was talking about when he spelled out some of his Magic for me.

I decided I wanted to make some Saint john’s Wort oil, but it was early spring. I had months to wait. Let me tell you, that took a lot of patience. I’m generally much quicker to move on any project I’ve set my mind toward. One of the lessons I’ve been working with this past year has been patience. This was one in a series of projects and events that required me to practice, much to my chagrin.

Saint John’s Wort’s lesson didn’t stop there, though. Preparation was essential to success. I hadn’t planned on harvesting Saint John’s Wort on our Practical Herbalist Cherry Picking Excursion, but there it was, and thankfully, we were prepared. Had I not taken an extra basket along and allowed lots of extra time for our outing, I’d have missed out in what turned out to be an absolutely lovely Saint John’s Wort oil, which I started with my bounty.

Now, a year later, I worked a little Saint John’s Wort magic of my own. This morning, I made Saint John’s Wort Balm of Protection. It’s a simple herbal formula for helping sensitive, creative folk like me feel less overwhelmed and exhausted by the world.

Of late, in particular, I’ve found it tough to keep my balance. Many friends and family members are facing or have faced challenges, big ones. With each encounter, I feel the complex soup of emotion and energy they’re wading through as if it were my own, except I’m powerless to do anything to change their situations. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is. I want to tell the lot of them to bugger off so I can go hole-up in a cabin in the woods far, far away until they all get their lives straightened out. What kind of Medicine Woman would I be if I did that?

The worst kind, you might say. I would agree with you, if you did.

So, I made some Saint John’s Wort Balm of Protection to help me protect my inner core while I work the healing and grounding I can for my loved ones. I hope when they depart my presence, they all feel a little more clear about what they can do to help themselves, a little more sure of what they’ve got to accept, and a little more hopeful that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. For myself, I hope I can learn Saint John’s Wort’s lessons right quick so I can regain my balance and hold it regardless of the crazy ups and downs the rest of my world may be experiencing.

Check out Saint John’s Wort Magic in my Herbal Arts portfolio for some ideas on how you can tap into the Magic of Saint John’s Wort.

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