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Quilted Wallhanging City

American Village II

This piece pushed my skills a lot. Perspective is one of those drawing techniques I understand intellectually, but somehow I find it really tough to incorporate into my quilting. My drawing skills are rudimentary, which I…

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Tree and Rock III

I set out to complete my Tree and Rock Triptic with this piece. My aim was to explore the third phase of life in Tree and Rock III. I chose to be more distinct with my…

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Tree and Rock II

Tree and Rock II is about the middle passage of life. The Tree is clinging to a small patch of ground amidst a flooded river. The rock in the foreground is understated, quietly waiting for the…

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Tree and Rock I

This was my first piece after working on The Master Tree. I was aiming to recall the idea of a small tree growing on the edge of a cliff, like a natural bonsai. I wanted to…

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Tree and Rock: The Series

This series began with The Master Tree, a work centered on Songham Taekwondo practice taught by the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). That work was a joint project with my husband, Patrick Hunter, created to honor our…

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Scotch Broom Magic

When I first traveled to the Pacific Northwest, it was spring. Scotch Broom lit the hills afire with it’s weedy, yellow blossoms. I loved it. My local guides, however, maligned this brilliant, rugged shrub. In 1850,…

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