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Waves of Land and Sea Stole

Waves Of Land And Sea Stole

Last summer when I decided to invest in a whole lot of cashmere, it was for the sheer luxury of it. So soft, so warm, colors so clear and strong, this yarn was exactly what I needed to ease the feeling of limitation that had crept into my daily existance. It helped that the cashmere was blended with merino and microfiber for strength and stability…and that it was on sale didn’t hurt either. I snuck it home and hid it in my closet, far from husband’s disapproval.WavesofLandandSea2

This winter, amidst hot flashes, night sweats, and more panic and anxiety than any sane person ought to have to endure, I dove into that bag of cashmere for a bit of comfort. Eight balls became my first multi-colored design, Waves of Land and Sea.WavesofLandandSea4

At 12 inches by 70 inches, Waves of Land and Sea stands at the edge between scarf and stole. The crochet pattern results in a lacy fabric that’s light enough for use as a scarf without too much bulk yet warm enough to keep the chill off your shoulders as a stole. It’s a perfect description of how I’ve been feeling in my own skin of late.

I used Cash Vero DK by Cascade Yarns, a soft, thick blend of cashmere, merino wool, and microfiber. The pattern is my own original.

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