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Get Healthy Now with Candace is all about Herbal Consulting and Healing. She offers short consults focused on making the simple changes you need to Get Healthy Now or a more in-depth Herbal Consultation to help you root out the causes of your current challenges and find the perfect plant allies to support you as you grow. Either type of session can offer you the support and guidance you need to Let the Plants Transform Your Life.Candace is working on building a new website, but until it’s done, you can contact her at or 541-731-3818.


Candace Hunter Creations is all about Candace’s journey into Art, Making, Fiber Arts, and Connecting with Nature. This is the blog where it all began, and it’s where you can get a taste of Candace’s creations, including Herbals, Fiber Arts, and Connections with Nature. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or want to order up an Animal Communication session or a Divination session, you’ll find them here…when Candace finishes re-building this site. Until then, you can contact her at or 541-731-3818.





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