I set out to complete my Tree and Rock Triptic with this piece. My aim was to explore the third phase of life in Tree and Rock III.

I chose to be more distinct with my tree. Rather than the general tree forms of the previous three in the series, I chose to get specific. I aimed for the look of a Douglas-fir. In our elder years, we look over our lives, hopefully from a place of serenity. The sun sets as the tide is rolling out. The tree’s roots curl around the rock like gnarly old hands. My aim was to depict the serenity of a life well-lived, peaceful, and filled with the wisdom that only comes from truly living.

I used machine and hand applique, piecing, and quilting techniques with drawn, painted, and sewn surface design for Tree and Rock III. I chose cotton fabrics for the top and batting. The fabrics are mainly those used in the previous pieces in this series. I aimed to simplify the overall design while keeping some of the more detailed work I used in Tree and Rock II.

Tree and Rock III is an 10.5 x 18.5 inch quilt framed in Douglas-fir. The frame was hand built by Patrick Hunter.