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Tree and Rock Triptic

Tree And Rock Triptic

After I finished The Master Tree, I began a small series of tree and rock wall hangings of my own. I used the same fabrics that I’d selected for The Master Tree, adding to them as made sense for each piece. My beginning goal was to create a set of meaningful depictions using the tree-and-rock theme we’re familiar with from Taekwondo.

Tree and Rock Quilt III planned my pieces with the intention of framing them. Patrick was kind enough to build the frames as he had for The Master Tree. These frames were built with simplicity in mind from scrap-found oak he’d reclaimed from someone’s garage the previous season. Each one is a two-part design with enough depth to accommodate and balance the double layered matting.

Tree and Rock Quilt IIIAll three of these are hand-sewn and machine-quilted. I added texture to some areas using fabric paints and embroidery. Some of the appliqué is traditional hand-appliqué and some is a combination of fused and machine-appliqué. The fabrics are all quilting cottons. I used a combination of heat fusion and embroidery or quilting on the appliquéd sections. It took me approximately six months or so to complete each one.

hand embroidery close-up

Hand Embroidery and hand appliqué technique detail

Leaf technique close-up

Free-motion Quilting fused with Hand Guided Machine Embroidery detail

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