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Tree and Rock I

Tree And Rock I

This was my first piece after working on The Master Tree. I was aiming to recall the idea of a small tree growing on the edge of a cliff, like a natural bonsai. I wanted to connect this work to The Master Tree through the fabrics and construction techniques. It’s also the first in my Tree and Rock Triptic.

I began this piece with a few sketches. Once I had one I liked, I transferred it to a larger drawing sheet so I could reference it while I worked. I used machine piecing and applique as well as hand piecing and applique. I used cottons for the top and batting fabrics and bamboo for the backing. I machine quilted this work minimally.

Tree and Rock I is a piece about youth and the challenges we face when we’re starting out in life. It’s about how life can feel like you’re clinging to a cliff, desperately trying to grab a bit of the light you so much need to grow. It captures the beauty of that struggle in its simplicity. The clouds floating by give perspective of just how high and precarious the hope and idealism of youth can be.

Tree and Rock I is a 9 by 18 inch piece framed in Douglas-fir. The frame was hand built by Patrick Hunter for this piece.

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