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The Folk is my polite and non-denominational term for the collective group of Spirits and Friends with whom I work and play. There are a lot of them. I’ve traveled many places and made many friends and allies along the way. Many prefer to remain quietly anonymous. Others don’t particularly care who knows their names.

Proper etiquette, in my experience, is to avoid naming or identifying Spirit Beings with words whenever possible. As a human being, though, avoiding using words to describe them can make communication with the rest of my race a triffle difficult.

When I was younger, I used cultural and religious words based on the person with whom I was communicating. So, when talking to my grandmother who is a devout Catholic, I spoke of Angels, but with my pagan friends who loved Celtic traditions I called my Spirit Friends Faeries. It was kind of complex and at times certain Spirit Friends felt left-out or hurt by the terms I chose.

For a long while, I just called them Spirit Friends, which is a good term that sounds a wee bit pre-school.

A few years ago, they suugested “The Folk,” and they have been thus ever since.

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