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Here is a quick set of pics of my handmade runes. I use found wood, generally fallen, seasoned branches from trees who’ve offered them to me. I carve each set in sacred space and, if the bag it comes with is handmade, I make the bags at the same time as I make the set. It takes several hours to created a finished set, so I make few, mostly as inspiration strikes.

Beach Runes

These two sets are made from driftwood from the Oregon Coast. The bags are handmade of cotton.

BeachRulesWhite BeachrunesBlue
Mountain Runes

These sets were made from Ponderosa Pine from the Cascade Mountains.


Study Runes

This is my first set, designed to be large for meditation and study rather than divination.


If you’re interested in purchasing a set of handmade runes, contact me.

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