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I’ve been asked both how I make a living and if I might like to offer my services. The answer is most often yes. Some of the services I can provide include:

  • Writing Coaching
  • Teaching individuals or groups on Medicinal or Magical Herbalism
  • Teaching individuals or groups the basics of knitting and crochet
  • Writing and Editing (Fiction, Non-fiction, Teaching or Technical materials, and Marketing)
  • Weddings (I am a legal Wedding Officiant in the United States of America.)
  • Herbal Consultation

If you’re interested in my rates and availability, contact me.

Other Stuff I do

I make and sell Ninth Degree Herbals: Herbals designed for Athletes, Martial Artists, and other Active Folk. My best selling herbals are Dragon’s Kiss Healing Salve for easing sore muscles and joints and Gear Defender: The Natural and Effective Solution to Keeping Your Athletic Gear Sanitary.

Coming Soon…

Artwork: I accept commissions on fabric art and quilted art on a project by project basis. I occasionally sell my finished pieces. I also sell patterns for quilting, knitting, and crochet. See my store for details.

Herbals: I offer the full Ninth Degree Herbals product line as well as a selection of my magical and other herbal products for sale. See my store for details.

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