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The Story of the Wee Folk

The Story Of The Wee Folk

“We Wee Folk carry a heartfelt love of this place, and we offer you a gateway into our world in return for your hospitality here. If you’ve found one of us, get ready for a real life magical journey. To learn more about us, search on the number from your companion’s tag or browse through our photo gallery. Feel free to share your story with our community, too.”

We Wee Folk Entered Your Reality

The Wee Folk project was a magical adventure spurred on by some of my friends among The Folk. They wanted to create a closer connection between their world and ours. The whole project lasted about a year. I let it rest another year before adapting the skills I learned to my own devices.

Now, I make Wee Folk in my spare time when it feels right and good. When I’m out and about, I place them in spots where it seems they belong, much like I did the first Wee Folk. I don’t number them as I once did. Neither do I do the Journey work necessary to make the same connections I did for those first Wee Folk. It’s not that I can’t or won’t, but that it’s not part of the ritual of making Wee Folk for me at this point. I’ve entertained adding the Journey work back in on commission, so if you’d like me to make one for you with a magical connection like the originals had, feel free to contact me. I still take shots of them when I let them go. Even without the Journey work, they carry a magical presence. I hope they all find happy homes where they bring smiles to those around them.

The original website was, and their tags still bear that name. Each one had his or her own page with the same information you find in my gallery here. Today, you can find all of my latest Wee Folk right here on the Wee Folk menu item under My Work.

Here is my gallery of the original Wee Folk:

Zeroth: Serenity, who sits on my altar.

Wee Folk: Zeroth

1. Joy

What is life without the bubbly, soaring Spirit of Joy? It’s too dreary, that’s what. We’re here to experience so much. Let Joy be the heart of it and even the challenges can be good.

Wee Folk: 1. Joy2. Peace

When all you feel inside is still and quiet, even if the world around you is drowning in chaos, you know Peace. I am the quiet you find when you look with eyes open holding no expectations into the darkness. Shelter me deep within your heart, and I will cast light into your life even on the darkest days.

Wee Folk: Anger3. Anger

If you’ve found me, you can be sure you’ve got a job to do. I am a guardian of boundaries. Anger holds the power to beat back all who would trespass…the key is to use that power wisely. I can help you see exactly which boundary is being challenged and decide whether and how to protect it, so long as you’ll take time to listen before you commit yourself to action. I can teach you to be a wise and fierce protector.

Wee Folk 3 Anger4. Play

I am learning and growing all the time. I love life. Every minute holds the opportunity for Play. Forever, I shall be a child, exploring inside and out, fully engaging all my senses, taking risks and laughing, always laughing even when I fall. Join me in grabbing every opportunity to horse around, and I guarantee you’ll love life, too.

Wee Folk 4 Play5. Bliss

Have you ever found yourself so engaged in a project you’ve lost all track of time. Hours pass in the blink of an eye when you share them with me. I am Bliss. Follow me wherever and whenever you find me, and doors will appear where there were none before. We’ll create a life full of meaning together.

Wee Folk 5 Bliss6. Creativity

If you’ve stumbled upon me, be ready to awaken to new levels of Creativity. I just cannot contain my energy. Like a seed sprouting, I’m bursting with ideas, plans, and the means to take action. I bet you are, too. Let’s dive into it together!

Wee Folk 6 Creativity7. Contentment

When, if even for a moment, everything seems all right just as it is, that’s contentment. For so many, it’s a hard moment to find, but once you’ve experienced it the whole of life shifts into a new perspective. All that troubled you slips into some other universe, and the simple truth and beauty of existence fills the whole of your being. You know it is good to be alive. I exist inside contentment. Welcome.

Wee Folk 7 Contentment8. Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I doubt it. More likely, it kept the cat evolving. So many of life’s most exquisite experiences result from being curious. Follow your curiosity, and you’re guaranteed to learn and grow from the resulting experience. Don’t you remember that time in your life? Well, I’m here to help you find it again. What makes you curious?

Wee Folk 8 Curiousity9. Beauty

Even the little moments of life can be filled with beauty. That’s my aim in this world, to find the beauty in every experience, even the terrible ones; to find the beauty in each individual, even the basest ones; to find the beauty inside myself, even in my darkest places…and to be inspired to spread beauty wherever I go. Join me for a beautiful journey!

Wee Folk 9 Beauty10. Purity

Purity has been much maligned in this world. It’s not about being better or above others, at least not in my estimation. Purity is about finding and expressing my essence. I aim to be the purest me I can be. If purity is missing in your life, join me and we can seek it together.

Wee Folk 10 Purity11. Drive

If you know what you want out of life, hop aboard and Drive ahead with me. If you don’t quite what you want, but want to find a path, hop on, too. We’ll set a course together. All we need do is agree to ask for directions once in awhile and then put the pedal to the metal. We’ll get there lickety-split….but I can’t promise we’ll be completely satisfied when we do. Those with lots of Drive are always aiming higher, planning new adventures, and setting themselves greater challenges. Sound like fun? You bet it is! Let’s go.

Wee Folk 11 Drive

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