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The Master Tree is Finally in My Portfolio

The Master Tree Is Finally In My Portfolio

I don’t know why it takes me so long sometimes to get new pieces into my photo gallery. It does. Eventually, though, they get there.

Today, I posted pictures of The Master Tree. It’s a piece Patrick and I created for Master Duer to recognize the importance of his mastership to us and to our fellow students. We presented it to him last August at the annual school picnic. Keeping the project under wraps until the moment we presented it was surprisingly challenging. The shock on Mrs. J’s face when she first saw it, moments before we presented it to them, was wonderful. I think when we’d mentioned it to her before the picnic, we called it a quilt, so I think she was expecting something quite different.

Just as Master Duer went through a whole lot of transformation over the past year as a martial artist, I’ve been going through my own transformations as an artist. Until that day, I hadn’t thought of my work as art so much as quilting…or knitting or sewing or any other crafty word for the techniques I was using. Sure, I’ve called it art, but the truth of that hadn’t really sunk in until the picnic and that presentation.

So, we hadn’t intended to set Mrs. J’s expectations on something else, but I think we did. She most kindly kept the presentation a secret for us until the moment came, and holding that secret was worth it. Master Duer was clearly touched when I held up The Master Tree for the school to see and Patrick explained the piece to everyone. It was a terrific moment.

Like much of my work, The Master Tree is filed with symbolism. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out my portfolio, of course. Making it was a journey that took me into new territory as a fabric artist. It’s one of the bigger projects I’ve done recently and has opened the door to a new series of pieces. I hope to be posting pics of a few of those in the upcoming weeks, but at the rate I’m moving, it’ll probably be months. Until then, you can check out The Master Tree in-person at Duer’s ATA Martial Arts where it now hangs.

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