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The Duer Knit Hat and Scarf

The Duer Knit Hat And Scarf

The Duer Hat and Scarf commemorates the 40th birthday of Mr. Russ Duer of Duer’s ATA. The six gold stripes on the scarf represent our good wishes as he works toward testing for his sixth degree black belt. The gold and green combo on the hat may look like a tribute to the Oregon Ducks, but that’s just a coincidence. It actually represents our hope that Mr. Duer continue on toward Mastership.


Thank you, Finn, for modeling. Perhaps you can score me a shot of Mr. Duer modeling soon.

The Duer Hat and Scarf set is made from a wool blend. It’s washable and warm.

The hat is a vintage WWII pattern like those Knitting Circles created for American service men.DuerHatandScarf-2

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