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The Baby-maker

The Baby-maker

Ever since I first saw The Proposal, I’ve loved the idea of making a quilt or blanket dubbed “The Baby-maker.” As I really, really want no more babies of my own, I waited, biding my time until The Folk found the right home for such a gift. 2016 opened with inspiration for my first go.


The Baby-maker hangs straighter than this shot shows. It was a windy day!

The Baby-maker was designed to bring fertility and abundance to my good friends G. and M.. They were happily married in late 2015, and I know have been wanting to start a family for some time now. I had just launched my “Use that Stash–2016” project series, and decided to take a look into my quilting stash just in case I had a few fabrics that would fit my inspiration.

As it turned out, all the fabrics were right there, pleased as punch to finally be out of the closet and a part of something so monumental as a Fertility Quilt. I even dug into my stash of Blue and White fabrics that I’d set aside a decade ago for a Maggie Walker quilt I never quite finished. It felt so good to release the rest of that old energy, even better knowing it was flowing into drawing children into my friends’ lives.

IMG_5880The Baby-maker is constructed of all cottons and is approximately 30 inches by 80 inches. It was hand appliquéd and machine pieced then machine quilted and hand finished with wrap-around binding similar to that used for many wall quilts. I added a hanging sleeve to the back so that my friends can drape The Baby-maker across the foot of their bed or hang it as makes sense for their home. The back (not pictured) is finished with bright, playful colors…just right for the kind of play and fun kids love.

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