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“Candace is an incredible herbalist. The first time I met her she introduced me to Stinging Nettles, and from that she set me off on a path to becoming an herbalist in my own right. Candace understands the nuanced personalities of plants AND the people she works with, so she brilliantly matches people with the herbs they need. She has done it for me many times, and in so doing has been my healer, teacher, and friend. I highly recommend Candace as a consultant, educator, and mentor to anyone seeking true healing – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.”

“Candace has been a constant support for not only my multiple ailments, but also an incredible source of knowledge and compassion when I needed her guidance on how to help soothe my father-in-law’s sensitivities and sickness after his intense radiation treatments for prostate cancer. She is a wealth of knowledge and has helped to guide us in so many ways. She has even gone out of her way to adjust a pain cream batch for me that omits lavender – a plant I am sensitive to. I can’t say enough good things.”

“…she is such an inspiration such a wise WOMBYN and I only wish I lived closer to her because I would like to take some of her classes.”

“Candace has been an ally, a mentor and a friend who I have gone to with questions not only about my mother but even through my journey of becoming an herbalist…”

“She has been an invaluable source of help helping me help my mother giving me information as to what plants  would be my mothers allies. She has been an invaluable source of help…”

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