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Tree and Rock III

I set out to complete my Tree and Rock Triptic with this piece. My aim was to explore the third phase of life in Tree and Rock III. I chose to be more distinct with my…

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Tree and Rock II

Tree and Rock II is about the middle passage of life. The Tree is clinging to a small patch of ground amidst a flooded river. The rock in the foreground is understated, quietly waiting for the…

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Tree and Rock I

This was my first piece after working on The Master Tree. I was aiming to recall the idea of a small tree growing on the edge of a cliff, like a natural bonsai. I wanted to…

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Tree and Rock: The Series

This series began with The Master Tree, a work centered on Songham Taekwondo practice taught by the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). That work was a joint project with my husband, Patrick Hunter, created to honor our…

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Tree and Rock Triptic

After I finished The Master Tree, I began a small series of tree and rock wall hangings of my own. I used the same fabrics that I’d selected for The Master Tree, adding to them as…

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The Master Tree

Patrick and I created The Master Tree for Master Duer in the year he attained his mastership in Songham Taekwondo. While he worked on his mastership requirements, including intense physical, mental, and spiritual training, we worked…

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