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Kinchaku Series III: Review

This series was a response to the SAQA Oregon Regional conference 2016's call for 3-Dimensional artwork. Their definition includes a requirement of at least three layers to the work. While my previous Series I and Series…

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Kinchaku Series III

Kinchaku Series III was designed to meet the call put forth by the SAQA Oregon Regional Conference for Three-dimensional quilted artwork. I wanted to create a series of kinchaku that included more layers than my previous…

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Kinchaku Series I: Review

This was my first kinchaku series. In the past, I've created single kinchaku for specific purposes, such as my Lazy Kate Kinchaku. My intention in this sereis wa s to create a set of kinchaku that…

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Kinchaku Series II

I loved working on Kinchaku Series I, so I decided to start another. Kinchaku Series II is all about pushing my design skills a little further. In this series, I increased the complexity of my designs…

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Kinchaku Series I

Kinchaku are drawstring bags originally designed in Ancient Japan to hold money and later small personal items. While I've made many for specific uses, like the kinchaku I made for the Hand-fasting cord I created for…

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