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Lavender Magic for Easing Stress

Lately, I've been absorbed in marketing. It seems there's an endless number of posts and products, events and meetings to manage. I'm thrilled by the interest and positive responses I've gotten. But, I've noticed I'm starting…

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Scotch Broom Magic

When I first traveled to the Pacific Northwest, it was spring. Scotch Broom lit the hills afire with it’s weedy, yellow blossoms. I loved it. My local guides, however, maligned this brilliant, rugged shrub. In 1850,…

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Cleavers Magic: Tenacity!

Cleavers, or Galium aparine, is a truly seasonal herb. Like Saint John’s Wort, who shares her affinity for fire, most of her active properties are lost in the drying process. She’s related to Lady’s Bedstraw (G.…

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