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Spider Weaves the End

Spider Weaves The End

After Buttercup passed on at the end of March, 2013, I decided to design a black stole to express my grief. The Spider’s Web pattern is one I’ve tried several times, but always gave up because it was hard and I could never seem to make it work. SpiderWeavestheEnd-2This spring as I thought about how Spider weaves the story of the world and about how endings are also beginnings, the pattern traveled from my fingers into the yarn with ease. Once my stole was complete, I wore it every day until the worst of my grief had passed.

This summer, on a lovely cool morning, I pulled Spider Weaves the End out of my drawer again. Jasper chased after its long ends, and I rejoiced in the new beginning Spider has woven into my life.

The red, black, and white beads in this stole represent sparks of life in Spider’s web. They add a nice weight and drape, too. That, plus the soft luxury of cashmere make this stole delicate and sensual, warm and cool at the same time, joyous and sorrowful like the space between death and life.

The pattern for Spider Weaves the End is available in my Patterns section. Enjoy!

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