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Sophia’s Garden

Sophia’s Garden

This quilt was designed for Sophia Rae, first born to my friends R.B. and Amanda in 2015. It’s 50 inches by 50 inches (127 cm x 127 cm) and was machine pieced and quilted in the ditch.

Sophia's Garden Baby QuiltThe theme fabric, that sweet bunny print, came from Florence, Oregon, a small town near the confluence of the Siuslaw River and Pacific Ocean. The bright yellow and pink fabrics came from Sisters, Oregon, up in the Cascade Mountains. The rest of the fabrics were from shops near my home in the Willamette Valley.

Sophia's Garden quilt labelAs I worked on this piece, it seemed energies from all over were essential to creating harmony in this project. I had a pretty good albeit loose plan when I started out. Sophia’s Garden quickly took on a life of its own, asking me to let go of old notions and plans in favor of new variety. Perhaps that’s exactly what little Sophia carries into this world—the need to experience life from many venues and the ability to turn all those differing and disparate energies into a lively, harmonious synergy.

For more on the journey I took to creating Sophia’s Garden, see Magical Quilting for Baby.

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