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Settlers of Catan Crocheted Game Piece Bags

Settlers Of Catan Crocheted Game Piece Bags

This is a collection of crocheted bags designed to hold game pieces for our Settlers of Catan games. I’ve been asked how long it takes to make a set of crocheted bags like these. Each bag takes about 3 hours, so about the duration of of three quick games of Settlers.

Crochet Bags-3Each Bag for the original game and the expansion pack is a different texture.

The bags each hold approximately 30 game pieces.Crochet Bags-1

Crochet Bags-2More bags means more friends can play Settlers!

Seafarers of Catan bags are all blue due to all that water.Crochet Bags-5

The beads for the Seafarers of Catan indicate the color for the game pieces inside.Crochet Bags-6

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