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Ritual is action married with intention for a purpose. Most of us think of Catholic Mass or Weddings or Funerals when the word Ritual arises. Those are, of course, rituals. They’re the big, fancy kind that take a lot of energy and depend on a whole community of participants. They can be absolutely lovely, deeply moving, and effective. They’re still only one fascett, and a small one at that, of Ritual Work.

Ritual work extends well beyond the boundaries of special occasions and holidays. Daily life offers up a host of opportunities to turn simple, mundane acts into powerful little rituals that can help you change the way you live, breathe, and think. I like to use those kinds of rituals to create the ripples that make Big Change possible in part because it reminds me that daily life truly is magical.

Breaking down the changes you want to effect into little bites makes the whole change easier to digest and absorb. When you connect a simple act, like opening and closing your bedroom curtains, and pair it with a healing message you want to embody, like “I am open to new possiblities and the adventures they may bring,” then do it over and over, you have a ritual that breaks the bigger change you want to see in your life down into something manageable.

While I enjoy doing larger rituals, like officiating weddings and holding Dinner with the Dead each year, I revel in the use of those smaller rituals for effecting change in my life. If you’re interseted in learning to create your own rituals to effect change in your life or you’d like me to officiate at your next Big Occasion, feel free to contact me.

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