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Rice Fields in Alpaca

Rice Fields In Alpaca

I’d been wanting to work with Alpaca for a long while when I ran across a great sale on Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky Paints in this wonderful yellow, green and blue. It was so soft, I couldn’t resist, even though it was mid-summer and far too hot to be draped in thick, warm wool. That very weekend, I set to work. RiceFieldsandAlpaca2

Rice Fields in Alpaca is the result. 18 inches by 75 inches, this crocheted stole is warm and chunky. I tried a different pattern, one from Vogue Shawls and Wraps, but no matter how I modified that pattern, the results were heavily biased so instead of the rectangular stole I wanted I would have had more of a heavily slanted parallelogram. I opted to design my own pattern instead.

RiceFieldsandAlpaca4The stitch pattern I used in Rice Fields in Alpaca is a Fillet Square crochet lace pattern. The simplicity gave me time to relax and let my mind wander like a mouse through fields of rice amidst the harvest, which is exactly what I needed that weekend.

I meditated on prosperity, health, and how abundance shows up even amidst distress and apparent lack. Life is filled with ups and downs, smoothing sailing and rough waters. Jasper reminded me sometimes all that’s truly needed is the willingness to appreciate the luxuries we have. Rice Fields in Alpaca is just that kind of luxury.

RiceFieldsandAlpaca1The pattern for Rice Fields in Alpaca is available in my Patterns section. Enjoy!


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