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Project 3: Big, Man-sized Gauntlets

Project 3: Big, Man-sized Gauntlets

After making the Duer Scarf and Hat set in Oregon Duck’s colors, I had a ball of yellow and a ball of green acrylic left over. A couple of years later, I whipped up a set of green and gold fingerless gloves that ended the green but left me with not quite enough gold for much of anything. I tossed it into the odd-balls basket in my closet and forgot about it. Since I rarely use acrylics, I didn’t expect I’d find a use for that wee ball of yarn. In fact, were it not for the prime rule I gave myself for this year’s worth of Use that Stash projects, to use everything rather than cheat by donating or giving away perfectly good yarns, I probably would have quietly slipped it into a bag for donations and hoped someone else might find a good use for it.

As it turns out, inspiration struck. Just under 40 grams (1.4 oz) of chunky yellow acrylic yarn adds up to a nice pair of simple golden gauntlets, big man-sized.

I divided the yarn I had in half by winding it around my market basket handles, cutting it at the half-way point, and rewinding it into two center-pull balls. From there, I used the Norwegian Cast-on and a simple knit-purl rib. It took me about two hours total, including reworking a couple of times to get the size right. My man was happy with the results, too. Big, Man-sized gauntlets turned out to be a short but sweet way to use up a little bit of golden-colored yarn.

How to Create a Simple, Custom Gauntlet Pattern

  1. Measure your wrist and lower forearm as you would for gloves.
  2. Choose your yarn and tools. If you still have a label for your yarn, you can choose your knitting needles and determine gauge using that. If not, determine your gauge by knitting a small swatch in knit-purl ribbing (K1, P1) in a set of knitting needles you’d like to use.
  3. Decide how many stitches to cast on. For a simple set of knit-purl ribbing gauntlets like my big, man-sized ones, you’ll cast on an even number of stitches. Use your gauge to make a reasonable guess at the number you’ll need. For these big, man-sized gauntlets, the gauge was 4.5 stitches by 5 rows for one square inch. To get the 8 inches (20 cm) I needed to comfortably fit my man’s hand, I cast on 24 stitches. Remember that any ribbing will stretch, so you’ve got a bit of room for play. For instance, these big, man-sized gauntlets also fit my 7 inch (18 cm) wrists comfortably.
  4. Knit four to five rows of knit-purl ribbing, then try it on to see if it’s going to fit around the widest part of your hand without being too loose for your wrist. Once you’ve got a fit you like, jot down the details so you can make the second like the first, then knit away.
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