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Organic Living is Within Reach: Herbs and Plant-based Medicine for Health and Wellness

In a world of extremes, we often overlook the Natural tools for Healing that grow all around us. No matter how plugged-in, mechanized, or Urban we are, we’re still creatures of nature. Plant-based healing can help bring balance to a body in pain.

Although as a species we’ve used plant-based medicine as our primary healing modality for eons, we’d grown away from herbal remedies over the past century. As scientific research, technology, and the medical industry developed, they began to dominate modern healing practices. Like a belligerent teen, they pushed their elders out of the picture…to the detriment of our whole healthcare system.

Happily, though, modern science and medicine are beginning to recognize the power of natural healing methods, like herbalism, to manage chronic conditions and remedy minor problems at home. Plant-based medicines can help our bodies make tremendous strides toward health and wellbeing, our natural state of being. We have a wealth of empirical evidence through written accounts and word-of-mouth stories of how the plants have been used in centuries past to help heal a myriad of conditions. We have a growing number of scientific studies to support many of those uses and inspiring new applications of plant-power to help heal, too.

That means you don’t have to be a back-to-the-basics sort of individual living off-grid to tap into the power of plant-medicine to support your health and wellness. Even the most scientifically-trained and tech-savvy of us can tap into the power of natural living through the plants we invite into our lives and bodies to find the grounding and balance that’ll support the healthiest, best lives possible. Plants don’t care if you’re plugged in or if you’re off-grid. They offer their medicine either way. The trick is to choose your plant medicines wisely.

On the path to Natural Living, finding a good Family Herbalist makes a lot of sense. She’s someone with experience in herbalism who can help you find the right plants for you and your family. The world of plants is wide and deep. A Family Herbalist will help you eliminate the many, many plants that aren’t best suited to your needs so you can focus on just those that are most likely to help with any given situation.

Want to Explore Herbalism and Plant-Based Medicine?

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I’ll help you choose the best plant-based remedies to help you bring health and wellbeing to your life. Together, we’ll seek the best natural tools and skills to help you Create the Experience you were meant to Live.

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Learn how to Care for Yourself and Your Family Naturally. I can teach you how to use Herbs and Plant-based Medicine to promote Health and Wellness.

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