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Open to New Perspectives: Animal Communication

Our Animal Companions can help us find peace and balance, if we let them. They can also point to areas we need to heal or balance. Often, they do so quietly…then a little more loudly…then in ways that completely aggravate us and create ridiculous levels of stress in ourselves and in our households. A lot of those misbehaviours and baffling, frustrating reactions from our pets are about communication. The problem is, we humans have forgotten how to speak the native language of our planet.

In times long gone, humans were closer to the Earth. We moved with the seasons, hunted and gathered our food and medicine, and we understood the natural world more intuitively. Animal communication, like Intuitive communication, was a natural first-language on which we depended for survival. As our technological capacities evolved, we outgrew the need to communicate intuitively, but our animal companions did not. They still speak the Universal Language of our planet even though most of us have long ago forgotten it.

Happily, the language of Animal Communication isn’t entirely lost to our species. There are lots of good books and classes you can tap into if you’d like to learn yourself. If diving into learning Intuitive Communication is overwhelming, beyond the scope of your current capacites, or just going to take too long to meet today’s needs, you can hire an Animal Communicator to help you engage in conversation with your furry, scaled, or feathered loved ones.

When to Hire an Animal Communicator

When you hire an Animal Communicator, you’re really getting an advanced translator. Animal Communicators use Intuitive Communication to connect with your companion as you discuss whatever needs discussing. A really good communicator will help you troubleshoot and negotiate change to help you and your companion find a mutually beneficial path together. Like a good mediator, your Animal Communicator has the benefit of being a third party, removed from the immediate tensions and emotions of the situation.

Highly emotional and tense problems and situations are powerful times to tap into the natural wisdom your animals have to offer. Our animal companions have their own agendas, of course, but they’re also keen observers of our behaviors and lives. They can help you see the places in your life that could use a little change, and often they’ll have thoughts on how to go about making those changes in the way that’s going to be easiest for you specifically. Animal Communication can help you get around your own stuff to tap into the wisdom that’s living right there with you.

When you’re too emotional to see what your companion most needs, Animal Communication and Intuitive Communication can help ease the stress. End-of-life and Illness are two times in our companion’s lives that we often get clouded and find it hard to make good choices for our friends. As our animals move into their senior years and begin to feel their age, it can be hard for us to know how to make their lives most comfortable…or when to help them move on. A good Animal Communication session can help you better understand your friend’s perspective on the situation, giving you more clarity and comfort as you make the big decisions you’ll face. That clarity can make a huge difference in the way you spend your final years together; often it’ll allow you both to better enjoy the time you have together rather than spending it in denial or worrying about what your friend wants.

Animal Communication with Candace

Bring greater Peace and Harmony to your life through Animal Communication. I can help you Discover why your Pet’s acting out or mis-behaving, Negotiate Change, and build a Stronger, Healthier Relationship with your furry, feathered, or scaled loved ones.

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