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The Next Volume of our Herbal Folio Series is Published!

The Next Volume Of Our Herbal Folio Series Is Published!


We’ve published the next in The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series. I’m thankful to announce that Ginger: Warming Spice for Health and Life is available now on Amazon!

It feels to good to see the number of titles in that series growing. Every time I set to work on one, I think it’ll be an easy little project. It never really is. It’s amazing how much research goes into writing an herbal folio.

Publishing each folio takes about three months from start to finish. If we were all paid enough to just work for The Practical Herbalist, Practical Herbalist Press, and Real Herbalism Radio, we’d probably be able to cut that time by a third, maybe even a half; balancing the rest of life and making a living make it hard to put in the time needed to do the job consistently day in, day out.

Beyond the juggling, though, writing with a team just takes time. I write a bit, then wait for Sue to look at it. She edits and writes a bit more, then waits for me to look at it. I edit and write a bit more, then…you get  the picture. We’ve got a pretty good system down now, and waiting is a key part to it for both of us. Waiting gives me time to ruminate on the next bit so when the manuscript is back in my court I’m refreshed and ready for the next round. I think it’s the same for Sue, too.

When it comes down to it, we’re a team of three. Patrick’s part in creating the covers and ads, preparing the graphics, and making suggestions on the overall look and feel is integral to the process. He waits for us a lot, and we wait for him a lot, too. Between the three of us, we put in many hours ensuring our herbal folios are the best available.

And now we’ve got six herbal folios in the series to be proud of:





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