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New Herbal Folio in the Works: Ginger

New Herbal Folio In The Works: Ginger

Ginger is on my radar today. My writing partner, Sue Sierralupé, just handed me the pages for her part of our upcoming Herbal Folio. She had the good fortune of working on this particular folio just when her throat decided to swell and hurt something fierce. Tonsillitis, as it turns out, heals rapidly under ginger’s care. I’m glad it was her and not me who got to try out that particular cure this time around.

I’ve used ginger and lemon with honey to cure sore throats and colds. Ginger tea has been on my go-to list when flu strikes for a long time, too. We use ginger essential oil in Dragon’s Kiss and it’s one of my favorites for aromatherapy. Ginger essential oil has a wonderful warming, grounding, comforting scent. Paired with Rosemary and Peppermint, it makes the perfect blend for study. I add ginger essential oil to a lot of my mid-winter blends, too, because it reinforces the earthy-watery elements of my constitution during the cold, wet months without bringing me down. In fact, ginger often helps me feel more peaceful even when my houseful of guys are running around like fiery nuts being all….male. Ginger brings us all back down to earth.

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