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His ‘n Hers Chunky Fingerless Gloves

His ‘n Hers Chunky Fingerless Gloves

On New Year’s Eve 2014, I decided it was time to so something about my burgeoning odd-ball bin of yarns that had been left-over from past projects. The result was a new set of fingerless gloves. I’d planned on using the women’s set for myself, but my boy absconded them. So, even though they’re His ‘n Hers, they’d more accurately be described as Father ‘n Son fingerless gloves. The guys like the warmth that thick, chunky wool offers.


Women’s version


Men’s version

I used a acrylic-wool blend by Plymouth Yarn called Encore Chunky for the most part. I’m not entirely sure what the green was, as I’d lost the tag from that ball, but chances are high it was the same as the other two. I don’t remember buying chunky yarn by any other company. Either way, they’re more washable than 100 percent wool, which is a really good thing in our household. They make a built-in cozy for holding warm cups of tea, coffee, or cocoa, which means they’re likely to soak up some of the same at some point or another.

These gloves knitted up super fast. I finished the first pair except for the thumbs on new year’s eve while we all watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The next day, during the Rose Bowl, I finished off the second pair along with the thumbs for the first. It all, I think it too me about 8 hours of knitting to finish both, even with the trial and error it took to get a reasonable size for the second pair.

I wrote the pattern to include the places where I changed colors, but you could change colors anywhere, really. If you had a lot of much smaller balls, for instance, you could make them more striped. The important part is to be creative and use up that stash so there’s room for new yarn, new projects, and new fun!

If you’ve got a few partial balls of chunky yarns, you can try this pattern to use ’em up.

Download the Free PDF Here

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