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My latest Herbal Folio is Available on Amazon!

My Latest Herbal Folio Is Available On Amazon!

Sue and I have been working on Saint John’s Wort: Antidepressant and So Much More diligently over the past months, and we’re ecstatic to announce that it’s available on Amazon today!

Saint John’s Wort: Antidepressant and So Much More is the seventh title in The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series. Learn all about how Saint John’s Wort works to calm anxiety and ease depression, soothe stressed and injured muscles and joints, and even kill off germs. Since we call this particular Hypericum a noxious weed, at least here in the Pacific Northwest, I think it’s amazing how many ways Saint John’s Wort offers to heal and soothe.

Those of you who’re magically inclined or who like to learn about how herbs made our ancestor’s lives easier will love the History, Folklore, Myth, and Magic section for this one. I had a lot of fun working on that section in particular. The household section, including the dyeing info, was fun, too. If you’re into gardening, be sure to check out both the Gardening and Gathering chapter and the section in Medicinal Properties on medicinal varieties.

If you’re looking to bone up before Saint John’s Wort’s harvest season, which is coming up in about a month and a half, buy a copy of Saint John’s Wort: Antidepressant & So Much More today!

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