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Missing My Best Friend

Missing My Best Friend

I’m here today feeling blue. I dreamt of a time and place where Buttercup was still with me, but even there I knew she would be passing soon. I was sorry for it. As I woke, I had a brief feeling of joy mixed with relief at knowing that I was passing into a place where she still was, then I remembered that this reality isn’t it.

Buttercup was my best friend and closest companion for these past few years. Saxon trained her up to take his place, and she filled it with enthusiasm. She set about changing the rules immediately, and I went along with it. He was right about her; Buttercup was the embodiment of joy and optimism even in the face of great adversity. He was right, too, that she was good for me.

My life has been an adventure thus far. Buttercup urged me to let go and enjoy the ride. With her by my side, even the most dramatic moments were somehow made enlightening. She had a way of shaking off the painful, sorrowful, disappointing bits that was infused with optimism and joy. She was a spark in the dark times urging me to keep moving. I was and still am grateful for her presence in my life.

Buttercup passed out of this world on March 24, 2013. She was and always will be remembered fondly by all who knew her. I adored her with all my heart.

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