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Men’s Socks: An Easy DIY Gift

Men’s Socks: An Easy DIY Gift

If you haven’t already picked out the perfect gifts to knit for your man this year, consider a pair of thick, warm socks. They’re an easy project for beginners to more seasoned knitters. I can whip them up in a couple of evenings if I’m really focused or as much as a week if I’m less so to give you a perspective on the time it’ll take to make a pair. You’ll need to know how to handle Double Pointed Needles and how to do a few basic knitting stitches (see the list below). The video shows you how to do each of the basic techniques, so if you’ve never made socks before you won’t be completely lost.

This pattern makes thick socks, the kind that are absolutely perfect for boots or as slippers on those chilly winter evenings. If you need to measure your man’s foot, check out the video on the Men’s Easy Sock Pattern page for tips on how to do that. If you want socks with longer cuffs or are making them for feet that are a lot bigger than Men’s US size 11, buy a second skein in the same dye lot.

If you order your yarn through the links I’ve provided, I’ll get an affiliate’s cut of the sale. It won’t cost you any more than it otherwise would, either, so by ordering through those links you’re helping me get paid doing what I love doing most. I surely do appreciate the support!

Supplies and Tools needed:


Men’s Big Luxurious Socks Pattern Page or PDF Download.

Skills and Stitches You’ll Need:

  • Decrease using SSK, K2ToG, and P2Tog stitches
  • Basic Knit and Purl stitches
  • Slip stitches
  • Norwegian Cast-on (Demonstrated in the video)
  • Kirchner Stitch (Demonstrated in the video)
  • Create the Heel Flap (Demonstrated in the video)
  • Create the Gusset (Demonstrated in the video)
  • Shape the Toe (Demonstrated in the video)
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