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Men’s Big Luxurious Yarn Sock Pattern

Men’s Big Luxurious Yarn Sock Pattern

One year, I found Lion Brand Fisherman’s Yarn on sale super cheap. I bought enough to knit a sweater or two. The sweater was classic…in its misshapen, poorly fitted qualities, that is. After two years in the back of my man’s closet, I decided it was time to put that yarn to better use. Thus, this pattern was born.

This sock pattern was developed for my honey, who has size 11.5 US feet that measure 11inches from heel to toe and 11 inches around the broadest part of his foot. He likes his cuffs low or crew cut so they land above the ankle and below the calf, making the finished measurement 6 inches from the base of his heel to the top of the cuff.

For mine, I used 100 percent wool, the hand-wash only kind, but you can easily substitute any sturdy size 4 worsted or afghan or aran weight yarn. I’ve provided the details from the label of the yarn I used so you can easily find one of similar size.

Tools you'll need to knit these socks.

Tools you’ll need to knit these socks.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • 4-2.5mm double-pointed needles
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Tape measure or ruler


  • 90 g./3.25 oz./144 m./158 yds. size 4 yarn.

Details from the label for the yarn I used: 227 g./8 oz. is 425 m/465 yds. with advised needle size of US 9/5.5 mm and gauge of 4″x4″ is 16 st and 22 rows.

Download the PDF Here

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