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Long-standing Project Completed

Long-standing Project Completed

I started a cute little crocheted blue and white beaded bag. It was a simple design just big enough to fit my keys and a driver’s license so I wouldn’t have to carry a big honkin’ purse when I went for a night on the town. Since I really don’t go out on the town all that often, I just sort of set it aside half completed. That was two years ago.

Last week, I finally finished it.Bluebeadedbag1

This isn’t the first time I’ve started a project and set it aside for seemingly ages. I have a partially completed appliqué quilt top that’s been ever so slowly growing since before my boy was born. I had a stash of cotton yarns bought to become dishcloths four years ago I just finally crocheted this fall. Two of my king-sized quilts sat layered and ready to go for several years and through a couple of moves before I finished them off. I never intend to set stuff aside this long. Really, I don’t.

But, when I finish a long-standing project it feels sooooo good. It’s like tension I hadn’t realized was there suddenly releases and I can relax more deeply than ever before. Dare I say it’s like a crafter’s orgasm? Maybe with less of the sexual connotations but all of the ecstasy?

However you describe it, finishing long-standing projects is deeply satisfying with the added bonus of making space for new projects…like the socks I intend to knit with the terrific sock yarn I found on clearance at The Knit Shop this morning.

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