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Kinchaku Series II

Kinchaku Series II

I loved working on Kinchaku Series I, so I decided to start another. Kinchaku Series II is all about pushing my design skills a little further. In this series, I increased the complexity of my designs while using the same constraints I set for my earlier series.

All fabrics in this series were purchased at Piece by Piece in Eugene, Oregon, and are high-quality quilting cottons. The drawstrings are hand-dyed satin rattail, dyed in my studio. I used the same lining and outer fabrics as in Kinchaku Series I. My sashiko thread is Japanese, just as in Kinchaku Series I.

With all that in mind, I chose two sashiko patterns per bag and increased the number of panels for all but one of the bags. I used all hand techniques in the construction. My aim was to savor the process with each one and to create a series of true works of art that stand on their own and connect to one another powerfully.


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