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Kinchaku Series II: Review

Kinchaku Series II: Review

In creating this series of Kinchaku, I wanted to push the complexity of my work. The entire series is hand constructed, no machines used, just as with Series I. I chose to expand the complexity by adding more sashiko to all the pieces and increasing the number of pieced panels for all but one of them. My secondary aim was to construct a series that looked like a clear progression from Series I.

To increase the complexity of my designs, I used multiple sashiko designs for each piece. I like how the two greens and the pink batik bags worked. The sashiko patterns on each of those connects within the context of the piece. The yellow bag works as a whole, but the sashiko in each of the blue panels really is the same pattern repeated. In viewing the series now, that piece doesn’t quite reach the goals of the series as a whole. But, taken on its own, the yellow bag works beautifully.

Individually, I like the green pink, and yellow bags. They’re balanced and visually comfortable. The colors of the red and green bag are somewhat jarring. That bag works within the context of the series, but on it’s own doesn’t stand as strong as do the rest.

The blue batik and pink rattail works to connect the four pieces in this sereis to one another. They’re less an integrated series as was Series I, but each individual bag is more sophisticated in design than the pieces in that series as well. Overall, I think this series was a success, although I’d like to push my work further in the future.

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