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Horse Magic: A Lap Quilt Inspired by The Herd

Horse Magic: A Lap Quilt Inspired By The Herd

I had the opportunity to work with a small local Herd of five mares a couple of years ago. Their leadership was shifting. One of the horses was growing older and beginning to experience the pains and infirmities of old age. She wasn’t the Mare-in-charge, but her best friend was.

Lap quilt inspired by HorsesThe Mare-in-charge stepped down, letting another take her place, so she could be with her friend as a full partner. While the new Leader was emerging, their Magic Mare was working through a series of healing opportunities that allowed her to become a stronger, more powerful individual capable of caring for her new, smaller herd of three and the now separate partnership of the previous Mare-in-charge and her older companion. At times, it seemed things were going in different directions, yet through out the transformation process there was an elegant, graceful quality to it all.

Horse Magic is a quilt about capturing the wild yet organized, chaotic yet graceful elements of the Herd. All in cottons, this quilt was inspired by the spirit with which my horse friends faced change and overcame obstacles while always maintaining a dignity I can only describe as Regal.hand quilting on this lap quilt

The turquoise, tans and browns remind me of the plains and dessert, where wild herds once roamed. The greens and yellows are of the Willamette Valley, where I have met some of the most Magical horses of my life. The red is the lifeblood that connects all of us.

This lap quilt measures 60 inches by 60 inches (152 cm by 152 cm) and was machine pieced. I machine quilted in the ditch and hand-quilted on the diagonals with cream-colored cotton thread. It hangs in my bedroom as a potent reminder that while change may be inevitable, one can always approach it with grace and dignity.

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