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Work, Passions, and Playtime

Services I offer...

Family Herbalism – I can help you become your family’s herbalist! With a strong focus on prevention and natural living, I will help you design a program of study that’s fun, easy, and fits your family’s needs perfectly.

We’ll talk about your current level of knowledge and practice, look at your goals for the short and longer terms, then design the lessons that best suit your learning style and capacity for commitment (independent study, structured class work either online or with established and respected teachers, or individual lessons with me).

We can include regular check-ins to help you stay motivated and get you through any roadblocks you encounter, or you can touch base with me on an as-needed basis. If you’ve always wanted to find healthier, more natural ways to care for yourself and your family and friends, maybe even have tried a little already, but don’t feel satisfied with your current capacity, contact me for a consultation today!

Herbal & Healthy Living – We all deserve to live happy, healthy lives filled with opportunity to use our energies toward our passions. Sometimes, it can be hard to find ways to get healthy amidst the craziness life dishes up. Little steps, like choosing the right herbal formula or making space for daily creative practice, can lead to the bigger shifts that make life joyful. I can help you chart a path toward the healthy lifestyle you deserve and provide coaching and support as you make the changes you desire toward a natural, healthful life.

Animal Communication – Furry, Feathered, Hoofed, Clawed, or scaled, I can provide intuitive communication to help you and your friend resolve whatever’s been on your minds.

Divination & Consulting – Sometimes a little clarity is all you need to make the right decision. A quick I Ching reading could be just the ticket. If you’re looking deeper, trying to make longer-term changes, or need to create some new rituals, a longer Divination session or maybe a series of Intuitive Consulting sessions may better serve you. I can help you find your center amidst whatever has been stirring your life and gain a little clarity so you can make the choices that’ll carry you in the direction you want to go. I can also help you create and perform the rituals that mark important points in life, such as wedding rituals and house blessings.


My Herbals…I create hand-crafted herbals for martial artists, athletes, gardeners, and folks who lead an active lifestyle, all available right here through my store. Contact me directly if you’d like a custom formula.

My Kinchaku Collection…My Kinchaku are hand-sewn drawstring bags you can use to carry personal items, store your ritual supplies or tools, or as a fashion statement the next time you’re out on the town. I design mine using a synergy of ancient Japanese techniques and modern materials, tools, and techniques. Each one is a unique piece, created with intention and joy. The kinchaku offered through my store are each part of a numbered series. Contact me for custom orders.

Other Handcrafted Goods…I love creating with fiber and herbs–sometimes a little too much! When I have an overflow, I add new pieces to my store here. Each was lovingly created, and each is unique. Check back often to see which new offerings may soon be yours!

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You can also find me here...
Hunter Creation

Writing, Editing, Graphic Design…I work with my partner, Patrick Hunter, to create outstanding printed and online materials for marketing and self-publishing.

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