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What's in Herbal-Ade Iced Tea today?
Herbal-Ade Iced Tea is a Custom Formula...

The formula changes as the seasons and conditions here in Eugene, Oregon, change. That means Cascade Health Center clients are getting a tasty brew designed to best support their healing process in exactly the environment they’re living.

How Can I Get Herbal-Ade Iced Tea?

Learn More

Click on any of the ingredients in Today’s Brew to learn more about those herbs.

Click Here to learn more about the cold-infusion process used for the core ingredients in Herbal-Ade.

Click Here to learn more about the hot-infusion process used for some of Herbal-Ade’s seasonal flavors.

Where to Get More

Stop by Cascade Health Center and make an appointment for an adjustment with Doc MacDonald or get a Massage, Acupuncture, or Physical Therapy with his amazing practitioners! Herbal-Ade is always available to Cascade Health Center patients right there at the front counter.

You can also order Herbal-Ade Iced Tea for your home or office – Contact Candace for a Formulation Consult to get started!

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