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Hansencraft miniSpinner

Hansencraft MiniSpinner

Best Audience or Use: Fiber spinners who want to spin lace, those who don’t want to sit while spinning, and beginners or those who want to focus on their hands and not worry about what their feet are doing

I’d been spinning with a drop spindle for about a year when I first encountered the Hansencrafts miniSpinner. It’s an electronic spinning wheel. I’d heard about electric spinning wheels, but most either had iffy reviews or seemed heavy or clunky to me. Because I have some lower back trouble, I needed a spinning wheel that would let me stand while spinning, something traditional wheels just don’t accommodate well. I had the opportunity to try the Lace and Standard miniSpinners at the Hansencrafts booth at Black Sheep Gathering one year and fell in love on the spot.

What I love about my miniSpinner (with the Lace spindle) is that it lets me move about as I spin. On the days when my back is sore, I can stand, rock back and forth a bit, or even walk away and return to the wheel as I spin. That kind of freedom was exactly what drew me to the drop spindle, and it’s made spinning larger amounts of fiber a reality and a joy. I love Hansencrafts’ design, too. It’s simple and easy to adjust as needed. The bobbin comes out quick and easily. I can adjust the guide rings as I spin so my bobbins wind evenly. I can even adjust the speed as I go if need be. That flexibility makes adjusting for the day, my fiber, my mood, and my focus easy.

My only complaint about Hansencrafts miniSpinner would be the price. It’s more expensive than an old fashioned spinning wheel. For me, the freedom and creativity my miniSpinner offers was worth spending a year saving for it. Like my Bernina, I expect my Hansencrafts miniSpinner to last for decades.

Bottom Line: Hansencrafts miniSpinner with the Lace spindle has earned a permanent place in my studio.

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