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We can find connection to our Past, our Present, and our Future through creating and using hand-made items.

The lifestyle we’ve created in our modern, technologically-driven world often distances us from Nature. We spend more time indoors than out, and when we’re out we’re often on the phone, in a car, or in some other way entangled in some sort of technology rather than fully engaged in the natural world. Maybe to some extent, that’s not all bad. Technology offers a lot of benefits, like the ability to rapidly heal broken bones, severe burns, and life-threatening illness or the ability to remain in-touch with and connected to friends and family on the other side of the country or world.

The Challenge

The struggle we all face is that as a society, we’ve spent the past half-century only really looking forward. We’ve missed a lot of the joys and wisdom the present and the past have to offer, in part because Technology makes it so easy to keep looking forward.

The Solution

One of the solutions is to consciously incorporate Natural Living into your daily life. For some of us, that means taking time to cook nutritious meals from-scratch at home or taking hiking vacations with the tech turned off. For others, it means learning a new artform, like my personal favorites in the Fiber Arts realm, or it can mean choosing hand-made, one-of-a-kind items over mass-produced stuff.

The experience we find when we choose hand-made products or we learn a new art ourselves helps us return to a place where we’re connected to what has been and what is as much as what yet will be. Although most folks cannot feel it, there’s a energy present in hand-made items that makes them more attractive and soul-nourishing. It works at least in part on our deep, unconscious heritage from the dawn of time when we first began to create tools and art; it’s a connection to a primal place we all share. That’s a big reason why you’ll see people so willing to pay high prices for hand-made arts and crafts even when they could buy a mass-produced version for considerably less. Hand-made gently demands a kind of presence that inspired deeper connection to the experience of this moment for the maker and for those who enjoy the results.

Hand-Crafted Connection

Herbal Remedies, Tools, and Other Items

I offer some hand-made products, like my Herbal Remedies and Magic Beans, through my store. All the items I offer are hand-crafted by myself. They’re all unique, with their own story. Most, including my herbals, are numbered in some fashion. I take a lot of care in making each, and what I offer is actually a small and carefully curated selection of the items I create, which is why you’ll rarely find many items to choose from in my store.

Create Your Own Connection

DIY, How-To, Patterns, Projects and My Work

I post articles including How-tos/DIYs, Patterns, and pics of my Work on my blog regularly. If you’d like to learn more about Quilting, Knitting, Crochet, Spinning, or my work, check it out. If you find some inspiration there, please let me know! I’d love to hear about your creative endeavors and how they’re helping you connect to your Authentic, True Self.

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