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This meditation is designed to help you find the beauty and power in aging by finding your own inner crone. It will take about 15 minutes. Find a quiet, sheltered space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration. If possible, plan to spend a little more time afterward, maybe 10 or 20 minutes or so, to be with whatever arose for you during your meditation experience and or to make notes for yourself for later use.

Guided Meditation

Take a moment to settle into your body and your space. Make yourself comfortable in a position that best supports you. As you relax into your body, notice what areas are tense. Breathe into those places, asking your body and your mind to release the tension.

Ask your toes, feet and ankles to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your legs and hips to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your hands and arms to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your head and face to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your neck and shoulders to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your chest, back, and abdomen to relax fully. Breathe into them.

As you feel the weight of your body, imagine that all the thoughts and cares of your life have come to rest around you. Notice how they have made space for you, landing so you can breathe comfortably. You feel perfectly sheltered, perfectly supported, perfectly relaxed.

Be in that space for a moment.

Now, imagine that you’re in a museum gallery. Notice how the ceiling soars above you and the floor beneath your feet feels cool and solid. The air is comfortable, clean, and smells surprisingly fresh. It’s quiet and peaceful here in this gallery. Take a moment to be centered here in your own personal art gallery.

Notice how the room is filled with works of art. Paintings, collages, bas reliefs, pottery, sculptures, all kinds of artwork fills the space. Notice how some pieces seem incredibly simple while others are amazingly complex. Take a few moments to wander about the room, taking in the artwork and taking in the information provided on each piece.

As you gaze at the work before you now, notice that someone has joined you. Her presence is warm and comforting, powerful and peaceful. She is an expert on the works here. Let her offer you insight into each piece. Take time to wander the gallery with her, asking questions as they arise and hearing her answers, looking at the pieces that intrigue you. Notice the joy she takes in talking about the works here. Feel her wisdom about the artist and the works fill you as you wander together. Take as much time as you need to feel fulfilled.

When you’ve experienced all you desire here, tell your guide you’re ready to return. She is your inner crone, and she will guide you from this gallery back to your waking life. Follow her through the gallery back to the door. As you are ready to leave, she offers you a small gift. Receive this gift with gratitude, and walk through the door.

Return gradually to your body. With each step, bring your awareness back to wakefulness until you’re no longer leaving the gallery but resting comfortably back in your body. Allow yourself to return to comfortably. Notice how your space feels clear and open, your body is relaxed. Notice how you feel completely peaceful. Take as much time as you like to let yourself be in this place.

When you rise, know that you can connect with your Inner Crone anytime you need guidance, comfort, or a bit of confidence. She is an expert on your own personal perimenopausal change just as she’s an expert on the many other artworks of your life. Any time you need, just take a moment to focus on the gift she gave you and ask for her take on whatever it is you face. If the gift she gave you is one you can create for find in this world, such as a necklace, statue, or other personal symbol, you may want to carry it with you or place on your altar or in a special place where you can access it regularly as you continue on your perimenopausal adventure.


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