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The intention for this meditation is to find peace amidst the many changes of perimenopause. It will take about 15 minutes. Find a quiet, sheltered space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration. If possible, plan to spend a little more time afterward, maybe 10 or 20 minutes or so, to be with whatever arose for you during your meditation experience and or to make notes for yourself for later use.


Guided Meditation

Take a moment to settle into your body and your space. Make yourself comfortable in a position that best supports you. As you relax into your body, notice what areas are tense. Breathe into those places, asking your body and your mind to release the tension.

Ask your toes, feet and ankles to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your legs and hips to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your hands and arms to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your head and face to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your neck and shoulders to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your chest, back, and abdomen to relax fully. Breathe into them.

As you feel the weight of your body, imagine that all the thoughts and cares of your life have come to rest around you. Notice how they have made space for you, landing so you can breathe comfortably. You feel perfectly sheltered, perfectly supported, perfectly relaxed.

Be in that space for a moment.

Now, imagine you’re sitting or laying on a park bench. Sunshine warms you and a light, cool breeze cools you. You feel perfectly balanced right now.

You notice a small sparrow a few feet away. She’s hopping about, looking for food. She looks a little like you feel. Is she confident or apprehensive? Content or hungry? Quick and peppy, or slow and sluggish? Notice how her behavior mirrors the way you’ve been feeling.

The sparrow glances your way. She seems to be beckoning you to follow her. Take a deep breathe, then rise and follow.

You’re walking along a path through the park. Sparrow leads you through the many people and beings who share this park with you. Although at times it seems as if the path is too crowded for walking, all the others there part and make way as you follow along.

You come to a peaceful place where the path opens up to an overlook. Sparrow perches on the railing and invites you to gaze at the scene beyond. Join her, trusting that the rail before you and the path under your feet are solid and strong, capable of fully supporting you as you take this moment to look out at the landscape.

Take time to breathe in the view. Notice the intricate beauty of the scene before you. Let the colors and shapes fill your sight. Let the sounds of what lays beyond the rail fill your ears. Imagine that the smells and tastes of all that lay before you filter into your being, as if you are already there. Let yourself feel the landscape ahead with every fiber of your being, knowing that you’re safe and sound right where you are now.

Take your awareness back to the railing. Feel how it’s sturdy, strong presence keeps you safe, offering you a guide and structure that resonates with the part of you that’s felt ungrounded or in turmoil. Notice how the ground beneath your feet is sound and stable. Let that feeling of stability travel up through your feet and legs into your hips. Let it feed your uterus and fill your being. Let the calm, sturdy presence bring a sense of security to all parts of you.

Take a moment to be in that secure place.

When you’re ready, notice the bridge to your right. Sparrow is there. See how she looks calm and peaceful now? Her feathers are soft and smooth, her motions are quick yet deliberate. Take a moment to notice how she mirrors how you now feel.

Breathe and enjoy just watching Sparrow a moment.

When you’re ready, follow Sparrow onto the bridge. With each step, bring your awareness back to your body until you’re no longer crossing that bridge but resting comfortably back in your body. Allow yourself to return to wakefulness. Notice how your space feels clear and open, your body is relaxed. Notice how you feel completely peaceful. Take as much time as you like to let yourself be in this place.

When you rise, know that anytime you feel jangled or unnerved by the changes you’re going through, you can ask Sparrow to guide you back to the park and the rail where you can regain this peaceful state.


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