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The intention for this meditation is connect with the Sacred Feminine to help you find balance when you most need it, especially as you move through the hormonal flux of Perimenopause but also through out your lifetime. It will take about 15 minutes. Find a quiet, sheltered space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration. If possible, plan to spend a little more time afterward, maybe 10 or 20 minutes or so, to be with whatever arose for you during your meditation experience and or to make notes for yourself for later use.


Guided Meditation

Take a moment to settle into your body and your space. Make yourself comfortable in a position that best supports you. As you relax into your body, notice what areas are tense. Breathe into those places, asking your body and your mind to release the tension.

Ask your toes, feet and ankles to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your legs and hips to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your hands and arms to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your head and face to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your neck and shoulders to relax fully. Breathe into them.

Ask your chest, back, and abdomen to relax fully. Breathe into them.

As you feel the weight of your body, imagine that all the thoughts and cares of your life have come to rest around you. Notice how they have made space for you, landing so you can breathe comfortably. You feel perfectly sheltered, perfectly supported, perfectly relaxed.

Be in that space for a moment.

Now, imagine you’re walking along a parkway. To your left, people bustle about their daily business. Bikers weave in and out of the traffic on the road. A group of childern run along laughing and shouting to one another as if on their way to or from school. Take a moment to notice just how busy the human world seems as you stroll along.

To your right, the wild world buzzes with activity, too. Flowers of all kinds bloom, roses, lavender, lilies, daisies, and many more. Bees work their way through the blankets of blossoms, polenating and gathering nectar. The loud buzzing of bees mingles with the humm of engines and people to your left. The scents of city and wilderness vie for your attention, each one demanding center stage. So much is happening you feel you could almost lose yourself in it.

Take a moment to notice how all that activity and stimulus makes you feel.

An elderly couple passes by. The woman looks at you and smiles. The sights and sounds and scents receed a little. Take a deep breath and feel yourself reaching for balance. The woman winks at you and gestures toward a weed just off the path ahead. It’s a familiar tall, ferny white plant with umbrella like flowers that seems somehow brighter than all the rest.

Stroll toward this powerful plant. Notice how as you approach all the distraction of the world fades, as if nothing but peace and harmony can exist in the presence of this beauty.

As you reach the flower, take time to show your respect for her energy by bowing and offering a small gift. Place the gift at the plant’s foot. Sit beside her. Notice how your body feels completely relaxed yet fully alert. Let yourself feel balanced and centered in your own body.

She whispers to you, “I am Queen Anne’s Lace, she who connects Heaven and Earth, she who fills the hollow and weak spots within with strength, she who commands the realm of the Sacred Feminine. When the world threatens to knock you off balance, call on me for help. I will show you how to hold your own with grace and strength.”

Stay here as long as you desire, soaking in the strength of your new ally. Let the connection between you form like the direct telephone line between the heads of great nations. See how this connection is always available to you. When you’re ready to return, do so knowing you can return to this place by accessing that line and calling for the aid of Queen Anne’s Lace.

When you’re ready, return gradually to your body. With each step, bring your awareness back to wakefullness until you’re no longer leaving the gallery but resting comfortably back in your body. Allow yourself to return to comfortably. Notice how your space feels clear and open, your body is relaxed. Notice how you feel completely peaceful. Take as much time as you like to let yourself be in this place.

When you rise, know that you can connect with Queen Anne’s Lace anytime you feel hollow or weak, pushed about by the tides of the inner or outer worlds, or generally unbalanced. She commands the Sacred Feminine and the energies that flow there. She can help you find your own power to create balance and solidity in your life. You can honor her by placing an image of her flower on your altar or in a special, personal place. Think of this image or imagine the connection you’ve created whenever you need to bring balance to your life.


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