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Meditation is one avenue into the inner spaces where your true power resides. Through Guided Meditation, you can access those places in a way that’s generally gentle and safe.

I use Guided Meditation when I want or need to get in touch with some aspect of myself for any reason or when I need answers, guidance, or comfort I know only I can provide. I also take Guided Meditations as a kind of vacation or tour, treating it like a wonderful way to see an inner landscape no one else will ever visit, like visiting my own private garden. Sometimes, what I find there offers me inspiration, stirs ideas that were already forming, or sends me in directions I never dreamed I’d go. At times, I’ve used Guided Meditations as a tool for transforming or healing, too.

However you use Guided Meditation, I wish you well on your journey.

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Perimenopausal Transition



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