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German Wheat Beer by Eric Warner

German Wheat Beer By Eric Warner

Best Audience: Experienced brewers who want to get to know German Wheat Beers better and those who want to learn more about the technicalities of the style to improve their own efforts

The Classic Beer Style Series varies considerably from title to title. They don’t specify how much information or the depth or kind of information that will be covered. German Wheat Beer (Classic Beer Style) by Eric Warner includes far less on the history of this style than I would have liked. Eric more than makes up for that in his extensive treatment of the technicalities of the style and how to achieve them. I loved getting a taste of how the pros think and what they’re paying attention to, but at times that felt like it was over my head.

Eric offers more recipes than expected, each including what’s needed for a 5-gallon or whole barrel batch. Much of his discussion of brewing procedures seems aimed at microbrewers rather than homebrewers. The recipes are complex, but they are doable for serious homebrewers. If you’re interested in hitting the style and aren’t afraid of working with advanced techniques, like multiple temperature rises and rests, you’ll love trying Eric’s recipes.

The Bottom Line: German Wheat Beer (Classic Beer Style) by Eric Warner has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.

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