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Finn’s Crazy Willow Socks

Finn’s Crazy Willow Socks

After I’d knit my second pair ever of socks, Finn declared that he wanted a pair, too. I let him pick a pattern from the book I’ve been using to learn, Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd. He chose Pussy Willow Stockings by Cat Bordhi…with a few small changes. I swear, that boy expects me to keep learning and growing, just like a willow in the spring!

Finn's Crazy-tall Socks-1Worked from the toe up, I knitted until I ran out of yarn to make these tall enough to meet Finn’s specs.

Finn's Crazy-tall Socks-2It’s hard to see the willow pattern in Finn’s Crazy-willow socks, but it’s there, and it made knitting these a whole lot more fun.

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