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Have you ever taken an herbal class or workshop on a single topic or skill and wished you had more time? More time to:

  • Ask questions
  • Ponder, Practice, and Ask More Questions
  • Bounce experiences and ideas off others from the class
  • Try it at home…and then get support from classmates who’re trying it at home, too

Why not find a couple of friends to join you for a semi-private lesson series?

Learning in small groups with me is really fun!

We’ll tailor our discussion and practices to suit the needs of the whole group, and we’ll make plenty of time for questions.

You can shape the study as best suits you-with take-aways, lab time, and homework…or not!

Best of all, you’ll have a built-in set of study buddies with whom you can share your new skills! No more hunting for guinea pigs who may or may not support you in your latest experimentations!

What is a Semi-Private Lesson Series?

When you’re learning a new skill or studying a new subject, it’s often helpful to take a class. More often than not, though, classes end too soon or don’t offer continued support for further study. Not so with a series of lessons that have been tailored to fit the needs of your own hand-selected group of friends. That’s precisely what a Semi-Private Lesson Series offers.

The beauty of a Semi-Private Lesson series is you get to learn alongside a group of friends for a reasonable duration.

We’ll keep the series to a length that suits your schedules plus your capacities to absorb and practice so you can make your new skill a part of your life.

You’ll walk away from our series with a stronger understanding of your chosen subject and some practice to help you continue your study as well as a stronger connection to a group of likeminded friends who share your new experience.

Not sure a Series makes sense?

An Herbal Living Skills Party is the perfect avenue to have some herbal fun with friends while learning one skill or concept.

How does it work?

At our initial consultation, we’ll choose a subject or skill set or topic you’d like to learn.

I’ll create a plan for the number of lessons that makes sense.

We’ll build a schedule and meet regularly for the duration of the series.

During lessons, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. We can include Lab time, or I can incorporate demonstrations into the lesson. We will aim to include take-aways and homework as makes sense for you and your group.

We’ll also create a Facebook or Text group where everyone can share, bounce ideas off one another, and ask and answer questions. This bonus to working on a series gives you a group for support as you study. And…You can continue the group once the series is done so you can keep on learning and sharing together!

Let's Get Started!

I’d love to help you and your friends or family learn the skills of Herbal and Natural Living! Contact me for a Consult Today!

Not sure a group lesson’s your thing? I offer Private Lessons, too.

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