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Learning in small groups with me is really fun!

We’ll tailor our discussion and practices to suit the needs of the whole group. Everyone will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and practice.

You can shape the study as best suits you-with take-aways, recipes, and homework…or not!

Best of all, you’ll have a built-in set of study buddies with whom you can share your new skills! No more hunting for guinea pigs who may or may not support you in your latest experimentations!

What is an Herbal Living Skills Party?

If you’d really like a single lesson with one simple, clear focus, such as how to make Elder Syrup from Dried or Fresh Elderberries, that’d be a fun Herbal Living Skills Party.

The tone and style of presentation is up to you. We can aim for a party feel, with opportunities to talk about the topic we’re covering, I’ll demonstrate the techniques or skill we’ve agreed to cover, and you’ll decide if you and your guests want to get their hands dirty or not.

We can also aim for a more traditional style lesson, with a studius focus, lecture and discussion as makes sense, and potentially some “lab” time when everyone gets the opportunity to make-and-take a sample to practice the skills we’ve discussed.

We can talk about other structure and presentation styles, too. It’s up to you!

How does it work?

You’ll gather your group, and coordinate the event. I’ll bring the materials and know-how. We’ll make it fun and informative, with everyone walking away with what they need to try it at home.

One Lesson's not quite enough?

I can help you design a short series of semi-private lessons, too.

Let's Get Started!

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Not sure a group lesson’s your thing? I offer Private Lessons, too.

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